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Let Us Care for Your Hearth and Home

Man repairing a fireplace
Mason repairing a chimney


Bring new life to your chimney

Chimneys and fireplaces get a lot of use, and over time, they will begin to show it. If you've notice signs of aging or deterioration on your chimney or fireplace, call Scott Bovy Chimney Sweeps.

Your chimney will look like new

-   Masonry repairs

-   Firebox repairs

-   Tuckpointing

-   Waterproofing

-   Flashing repairs

-   Crown replacements and repairs

-   Damper repair

Turn back the hands of time

Regular use and inclement weather will eventually take a toll on your chimney and fireplace. Whether you need repairs to improve their appearance or their function, we can help.

Restore your chimney to its former beauty

-   Spark arrestors

-   Chim-a-lators

-   Glass doors

-   Crown seals

-   Fuel liner repair


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